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Hey everybody (once we get, you know, actual people). Just a few notes to the purpose of this community and some more technical aspects:

This really is a place to kind of avoid the spoiler scene over on the other West Wing community. Since few people on this side of the Atlantic have seen season seven (or even season six), let's try to keep that kind of discussion to a minimum, unless you're just hypothesising or making predictions. That stuff is fun, so bring it on.

On the other hand, this is a great place for people to share places to download episodes, and I welcome that as long as we still keep spoilers under cuts and don't devolve into the other (wonderful) West Wing communities.

I think thats about it as far as that stuff goes. I just wanted say that I have never started, nor run, a community before so if you want to help, I'd love that. Otherwise, suggestions, comments, questions, critiques are MORE than welcome (especially for making things pretty -- I'm not good at that). So again, bring it on.

On a more personal note, I am actually an American living in the UK for the year, and while I will be getting sent the new episodes from the U.S., it will be quite delayed and so I look forward to talking about all of this stuff with you. That said, I have all of season six on my computer, so if anyone has yet to see it, I would be more than happy to try and get it to you in whatever form is easiest. I would also love to share season seven with you all once I start getting it in, again, in whatever method proves functional.

Thats it. Thanks for joining and welcome!
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