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[insert appropriate TWW quote here]

Wow, a community for UK fans of TWW! *flails excitedly*

I'm not sure whether introduction posts are allowed here or not so if they aren't, please, feel free to beat me over the head with a stick. Until that happens, I'm going to plunge right in and introduce myself =)

I'm Emma, I'm 16 and I discovered TWW halfway through S4. I bought S1 and S2 and completely loved them.
I found out that TWW was to be shown on More4 and was over the moon about that. However, I then found out that it was S6 that was to be shown and that E4 had shown S5 before it came to Freeview. So I rushed out and rented S5 and have managed to watch all 22 episodes in the space of 6 days. So now I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow's 2 episodes =D

Oh, if anybody knows where I can find some good TWW headers I will send you flowers. Well you can imagine that I would, if you're so inclined.
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