::Emma:: (missish) wrote in uk_tww_fans,

Ellen's show

Does anyone know where I can find a download of the interview with the whole West Wing cast on the Ellen DeGeneres show?

I'll share my cookies with you if you do.

Thank you =D
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Yay! Cookies!
Go here: http://www.my-serendipity.net/twwmisc.htm
And they should be obvious.

Actually, Michelle should get the cookies, not me, because she's been amazing in putting everything up this season.
Ooh, yey, thank you =D
You can have two cookies then, how about that?
Aw, thank you very much. : )
In return for that I give you sleepy-Josh.
If i had read this earlier I think I would have got cookies too. I just downloaded it all the other day and It was fab. Have fun watching it.
Those links don't work any more.. is there anywhere else I could get them?